Poster Session 2021

The Coalition for Compassionate Care is pleased to present the following Posters which were accepted to the Poster Session as part of our 2021 Annual Summit. We thank the poster presenters for sharing their work.

Education Credits: Continuing education credit is no longer available for the Poster Session, but we hope you will check out the great work your colleagues are doing in the field.


P0ster 1: Innovations in Patient and Family Engagement

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Poster Lead: Dale Shargin, Care One Hospice and Palliative Service | Email:


P0ster 2: Everybody Knows: Key Metrics Dashboards Design and Dissemination to Track and Improve Palliative Care Business Efficiency

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Poster Lead: Brian “B” Mistler, ResolutionCare Network | Email:


P0ster 3: Advance Care Planning (ACP)-Physician’s Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Engagement in Long-term Care Facilities

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Poster Lead: Jeannie Meyer, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Palliative Care at UCLA Health |


P0ster 4: What is Quality Spiritual Care and How Do You Measure It?

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Poster Lead: George Handzo, HealthCare Chaplaincy Network | Email:


P0ster 5: A Health Plan’s Approach to Providing Palliative Care

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Poster Lead: Kristen Vallone, Blue Shield | Email:


P0ster 6: The Effect of Designated Palliative Care Nurses during the Pandemic in a Safety Net Hospital

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Poster Lead: Kinnari Parikh, San Joaquin General Hospital | Email:


P0ster 7: Comparison of Healthcare Utilization, Quality of Life, and Survival Among Patients Referred to Palliative Medicine Versus Standard Oncologic Care

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Poster Lead: Sherry Cavanagh, UCSF Fresno |


P0ster 8: The Hybrid Physician: Impact of a Palliative Care-Trained Emergency Medicine Physician Embedded in the Emergency Department

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Poster Lead: Kuanchang Lu, UCSF Fresno | Email:


P0ster 9: Palliative Care for Everyone: Raising Awareness of Palliative Care and Advance Care Planning in Diverse Communities

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Poster Lead: Ashley Bragg, Stanford HC | Email:


P0ster 10: Teleconferencing POLST Conversations with Skilled Nursing Facility Residents

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Poster Lead: Caroline Etland, University of San Diego | Email:


P0ster 11: Mapping Palliative Care in Hawaii

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Poster Lead: Chelsea Hirano, Kokua Mau | Email: