Stanley Terman, PhD, MD

Stanley Terman, PhD,  MD Medical Director and Psychiatrist Caring Advocates, has written four books and created a patient decision aid related to end of life advance care planning, train other clinicians. Numerous presentations, including ASBH.

Dr. Stanley A. Terman is a board-certified psychiatrist and bioethicist. He founded and still leads the non-profit organization Caring Advocates. Previously, he was on the faculty of University of California, Irvine. The continuous thread of Dr. Terman’s professional career is to empower people to make informed decisions so they can successfully meet challenges in their lives with more pleasure, less suffering, and improved relationships. For the last fifteen years, he has focused on reducing the suffering of terminally ill patients and their loved ones, especially those faced with unending, unbearable pain, or the many challenges associated with living with Advanced Dementia. He is passionately motivated to prevent months to years of suffering from unwanted treatment that only prolongs the process of dying, but he is just as passionate about preventing premature dying. His goal is thus to attain timely and peaceful transitions. His clinical tools and strategic forms (the “Ironclad Strategy”) were developed in collaboration with prominent colleagues in medicine, law, bioethics and pastoral counseling. He teaches these methods to other health care professionals.