Charlie Blotner

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 13, Charlie abided by the “watch-and-wait” tactic for nearly five years before having an awake-craniotomy to remove a grade II Astrocytoma in the left insula at age 17. A Michigan native now residing in Arizona, Charlie is a senior at Arizona State University finishing a B.S. in Family and Human Development before pursuing a master’s degree in Social Work with a health specialization.

Charlie co-founded #BTSM (Brain Tumor Social Media) Chats in May 2013 after identifying a lack of psychosocial support within the brain tumor community. Charlie is a member of the Student Advisory Panel for Stanford Medicine X, helping to shift the culture of medical education to be more patient-centered, participatory, and patient safety-focused. Charlie also works as a Precision Medicine Advocate for Cure Forward, writing and researching about brain tumors. If there’s one thing that Charlie understands and values more than anything, it’s the power of the patient voice.

Charlie’s patient story: